• Shanghai Ming Wang International Logistics Co., Ltd., is to obtain the approval of the people's Republic of China Ministry of foreign economic cooperation and trade with an independent legal entity of a freight forwarding enterprise qualification. In overseas has 150 senior agents, the company to "innovation and development, for the sake of customers" for the enterprise spirit, in the Chinese freight forwarding business, and actively explore all kinds of logistics projects.




In Europe, the United States line line, South America, Japan, South Korea and domestic line line line
Excellent potential: the relationship between the shipping companies and the port area is very good. The price also has an advantage in space and on season is also guaranteed! Can help customers to solve the problem in time.

Our Service
  • In the United States, Europe and South Korea cargo freight rates for the best price, in the fierce competition in the strive to cargo limited space, to ensure timely shipment of goods emergency. We also carry out air transport service.

  • We Division for your service to the world, port intensive. In addition, we have worked with the shipping company for many years, to establish friendly relations, can meet the different needs of customers, provide professional and reliable shipping services.

  • Has a strong transport network, can arrange foreign and domestic China delivery receipt.

  • Professional import of fruit, wine, dairy products, agricultural and sideline products, frozen products, etc..

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Shanghai MingWang INT'L Logistics Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Ming Wang Physics International Co., Ltd. is based on international logistics shipping company, has a professional logistics team, our has nearly 8000 square meters warehouse, stands ready to provide distribution, unpacking and packing, door to door etc. services. Can receive 24 hours, can quickly react to the goods, and provide a reasonable free storage period. If you need us to arrange the goods, please contact us, our tariff and service will certainly make you satisfied!

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